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An uplifting vitiligo story

I received this story via email, and though it can also be found in the “Vitiligo Stories” section above, it’s worth highlighting here. Enjoy!

Hi, this is a wonderful site and im glad to read ur story.
Im from India and my wife has vitiligo, but u know what, she is the most beautiful woman in the world and im very proud and lucky to have her.
She had vitiligo before we met and it has never bothered me, it was me who fell in love with her and pursued her and she was a hard nut to crack too, but we finally r together and enjoying our beautiful life.
Its very difficult in India to convince your parents if ur marrying someone with vitiligo despite being “normal” urself, but my family is equally open minded and love my wife too.
My reason to post my little love story is coz i want people to stop this pointless prejudice against vitiligo and accept a person for who they truly are, and who knows u might get lucky just like me 🙂

Janet Haslam on the skin disease which causes gradual loss of colour

Imagine something very personal and precious being taken away from you a little at a time. You’re not in control of when it goes and you can’t argue about the amount removed. This is the predicament faced by people with vitiligo – a common skin disease that causes areas of the body to progressively lose colour, leaving white, sunburn-vulnerable patches. The condition is indiscriminate and affects up to 4 per cent of the population worldwide. Continue Reading

Vitiligo: dealing with the changes

Oftentimes there are great ‘conversations’ that go on over on our Vitiligo Friends facebook page. Today, was an especially good one that I wanted to share with you.

Friend wrote: I have to ask how you all have coped with having vitiligo. I have had it for about 9 years now. It just keeps getting worse and worse… Continue Reading

Testimonial that protopic works

A few days ago Kam left a comment here about her success with protopic repigmenting vitiligo. It’s wonderful and hopeful news…

I had quite a lot of pigmentation around the eyes mainly. First my GP told me there was nothing that could help me. Continue Reading