How the XTRAC Laser Treatments Work

My XTRAC laser treatments have produced fabulous results so far and yesterday they made a change that i feel will make a huge difference.

First, let me explain a typical treatment session:

The area to be treated is wiped clean of any makeup and I am given a pair of protective glasses (you remember, the unattractive glasses we had to wear in science class?) to shield my cornea’s from the laser.

The dermatologist will have already turned on the XTRAC excimer laser machine so it is powered up and ready to give off the specific amount of UVB for any given area to be treated.
xtrac excimer laser, vitiligo treatment, nathalie pelletierxtrac excimer laser, vitiligo treatment, nathalie pelletier

The dermatologist places the wand on the spot to be “zapped” (for lack of better word), presses the petal (seen in the lower right corner of the first photo), and the exact amount of prescribed laser is given. Then she/he repeats this process until all areas have been give a dose of light.

Until yesterday, the dermatologist performing my treatments used a sweeping motion with the laser wand. And even though the results have been wonderful, the head dermatologist changed it to holding the wand in one spot (as i described earlier). We are so excited to see the difference this slight change will make, because now, instead of one dose being spread over a generalized amount of skin, it will hit just one area, which will allow a true full dose of UVB to each cell within.

We understand that individuals respond differently to the myriad of vitiligo treatments available, but through reading the comments from people all around the world, there seems to be a common thread of treatments that produce successful re-pigmentation is combination of B12, folic acid, and sunlight (either natural or UVB tratments). So, if your just starting your journey towards getting rid of your white patches, or if you haven’t tried that combo…start today!

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