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Magic Pills Do Not Exist; Not Even NLP Ones!

By Karen Hastings

As an NLP master practitioner who runs an NLP practice, I am one of the first to sing the praises of NLP as a therapy tool, as I believe it can be a really effective instrument for change work, when used in the hands of a good NLP practitioner.

However, as an occupational therapist, and having worked in mainstream NHS mental-healthcare, I also believe that NLP at times sends out a misleading vibe, which cannot be said of some of the more traditional therapies. By this I mean that NLP can give the impression of being this magical therapy that will cure people in minutes, when years of psychotherapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy etc. has had little or no effect.

The result of this misconception about NLP, is that clients can turn up for a consultation at NLP, expecting the therapist to wave her magic wand, with little or no effort on their part. Like all therapies, NLP relies heavily on the client’s commitment and motivation to want to change. Continue Reading

Piperine Research For Vitiligo

To my great surprise, the blog i did on piperine a few months ago has been the most popular so far. Since it still generates a lot of interest, i thought i would add more findings on the subject.

Here are links that may interest you…

A patent for a piperine product dating back to 1979

I will add more to this page as i find them.

What Is NLP?

by Gemma Bailey

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was developed in the early 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who studied excellence within the field of therapy. Their main studies were of Milton Erickson (responsible for bringing hypnosis to the clinical world) Virginia Satir (a family therapist) and Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt therapy). Bandler and Grinder also drew upon the work of linguistics, anthropologists and psychoanalysts

NLP is an art and a science. It is largely based on the idea that the sensory information around us is translated into thoughts and ideas which affect our state, physiology and behaviour and therefore our results. The language we use also affects our experience and the experience of others. Continue Reading

Vitiligo: Dealing With It From the Inside Out

Living with vitiligo can be tough, so it’s no wonder that we spend a lot of time searching for a cure or a method to cover the white patches. However, neither one of these truly permanently deals with the deeper issue…our self-worth.

The terms self-worth and self-esteem are often used interchangeably, but I believe there is a significant difference between them. Continue Reading

“I am 99% re-pigmented”

I had sent an email to my previous customers of Vitiligo Cover asking if they would like to submit a story, for my book, about their experience with their vitiligo. This is an email I received last month from a man in Yucatan, Mexico. He also happens to have been my very first online customer when I was selling Vitiligo Cover Lotion. He first wrote to me 3 years ago to let me know that he was so happy with the results from the cover lotion because he could finally go to the beach.

Well, 3 years later, he wrote me again and now he is even happier… Continue Reading

Take The Stress Out Of Vitiligo

The fact that there are no physical side effects to having vitiligo doesn’t diminish the severity of the mental anguish it can cause. We may have no control over the white patches that slowly appear on our skin, but we do have all of the power when it comes to how we let ourselves feel about it. If you are stressed over the change in your physical appearance, use techniques to calm yourself. Remember, you gain nothing by worrying about how you appear to others, but you do lose a lot…self-esteem, freedom to go out, etc.

Here is a wonderful article I found to take the stress out of vitiligo: Continue Reading