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Could someone crush black pepper?

nathalie vitiligo emailsNathalie,
I read your article about pepper possibly improving repigmentation in vitiligo patients.  I have had vitiligo for nearly 10 years.  However, it is a very mild case and was not exposed on my face until a few years ago.  My dermatologist has put me on a topical cream that doesn’t seem to do much for me.  I applied it for three months with little to no improvements.  I actually seemed to have more success without the medicine on my face.  My case seems to be based on stress.  Vitiligo didn’t even break out on my face until I had a breakup with a girl I dated for three years.  At the time I was very depressed and the vitiligo became noticeable on my face.  Since then I got married and am living a very happy life.  However, the vitiligo is still noticeable when I am not dying my beard.  My question to you is….How could someone crush up the black pepper small enough to be absorbed and could it be mixed with Vaseline for application?  I was also curious about your thoughts on home UVB lights.  Could these be beneficial for use if exposure was very minimal.  I can’t afford the treatments at the dermatologist.  I would really like to do laser treatments (Excimer laser).  However, that is well out of my budget as well.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  I really enjoyed your article.


Hi Gabe,
It seems that stress is a trigger for vitiligo in many people that write to me. The key thing to remember when searching for cures is that everybody reacts differently to the myriad of ideas available. The topical cream didn’t work for you (or me), but it works for other patients.

UVB treatments (e.g. Excimer laser) is the only treatment that I have found works for everyone. The possible drawback is that we don’t really know if the new pigmentation is permanent. On that note, the fact that repigmentation even occurs is promising because that means we haven’t lost the ability to pigment; something is just turning off the gene temporarily. Find that trigger and you’ll be a savior to many! The treatments are expensive, but some insurance companies now cover it, so check with yours. Also, I have experienced repigmentation by just sitting in the sun for a few minutes each day…the color only lasted through the summer months though.

The concoction to make a black pepper emulsion is a mystery to me. A few people have commented that they re doing it, but there haven’t been any photos submitted to get a true grasp of the healing ability.

Stay in touch and visit the site often. I post new finding often.

All the best,


Set yourself free from vitiligo

I received a comment from a woman who thinks that she might have vitiligo and her words made me take pause to think. She spoke of having a few autoimmune diseases in her family and about the research she has done to try and find a cure for her own ailments.

The medical community may not agree with patients searching for a cure for their own condition since they have little or no medical training as to the specific complexities of the human body, but from a psychological standpoint, I think it’s the greatest emotional healer. It’s how they get their power back. Continue Reading

Manage Stress, Manage Your Vitiligo

Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Ralph Waldo Emerson

After reading quite a few ‘vitiligo stories’, I’m going to go out on a limb today and state that perhaps the cure has been elusive because there are different types of vitiligo which are triggered in the individual patient as some sort of response to either an internal or external element. Be it a singular factor, such as stress, or many components comprised of food, allergies, and even common household products, something is turning this gene ‘on’, and we are simply going to have to find solace in discovering what activates the gene in our individual body system. Continue Reading

Plasma of Vitiligo Patients May Hold Cancer Cure

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

A while back I came across an article in a medical journal which detailed research being done to cure melanoma (skin cancer) using plasma of donors with Vitiligo because studies have shown that this “enriched” IgG formulation contains potent anti-melanoma activity (read the original blog).

I spent the morning trolling the internet for more on this subject and I found so much to share with you. There is no way that I can condense all of the different sources and do justice to the vast amount of critical information given, so I’ve decided to provide links. I trust that most have you have done extensive research on vitiligo; therefore, reading through mundane (yet informative) scientific/ medical journals is acceptable. Happy reading! Continue Reading

Vitiligo Repigmentation Proof

“Never let life’s hardships disturb you … no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages.“Nichiren Daishonen

A couple of months ago I began searching the internet for vitiligo success stories when I came across one that showed me that I was on the right track with my experiment.

Ilana is from Sweden and has been dealing with vitiligo, alopecia, and psoriasis. Her site describes how she stuck with a regiment of taking B12, Folic Acid, and tanning her skin, to re-pigment her skin. What I enjoyed most was the fact that she showed before and after photo’s which clearly show a 90% success in re-pigmentation.

vitiligo re-pigment before vitiligo re-pigment after

Hi everyone, this is a reprint of a blog from aug 2007. because there was such a tremendous response, for some reason the blog comments are unable to show many of the comments. just in case you would like to offer some advice or comment to posters, i’m reprinting a few of the now un-viewable comments. please use the new comment area below to respond. Continue Reading