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Hi, I’m Nathalie.  Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that it can provide you with answers about vitiligo.

I started this site in 2004 as a means of reaching out to everyone living with vitiligo. It’s given me the opportunity to offer my support and to share my, let’s say, “adventures” with vitiligo.  This site isn’t my job; it’s my passion.  The time that I spend creating it is paid back a million times over when I see people from all over the world coming together to share healing ideas and support one another.

Each day I receive emails from people thanking me for the site, but it is I who thank you for coming back over and over again to be a part of this community.

“Vitiligo Cover lotion has definitely made a huge difference in my life. It gives me the confidence to go out and do all of the things I want, and wear anything I like, without having to think twice about whether or not people are going to notice the vitiligo instead of me.”


I’ve been using Vitiligo Cover Lotion for 12 years and selling it in over 105 countries for the past 11 years. I love the coverage for myself, but more importantly, I love hearing how it has helped others get out and enjoy life once again because they don’t worry about their vitiligo being seen.

My vitiligo became noticeable to me 15 years ago. It has been a very slow progression, and with my medium complexion it is not always apparent, but still, I know it’s there and it bothers me, some days more than others.

After spending a lot of money trying different products, I got together with a manufacturer, here in the USA, to develop Vitiligo Cover Lotion™. Vitiligo Cover lotion is the first product I’ve used that doesn’t streak or leave an orange hue. It simply blends the vitiligo areas and gives me a healthy glow.

If you’d like to share your story, poems, photos, or videos, you can also check out a new site that I created as a means for us to support each other Vitiligo Voices.

I am only a phone call or an email away if you have any questions about using Vitiligo Cover lotion.

Feel free to contact me anytime!



Well, if you found that at all interesting and you would like to know even more about me, here’s a mini-bio that was written for me.

Nathalie was born in France and moved to the United States withe her parents. After a brief 18 year stay in Dallas, she decided to shake up her life and move to St. Louis.

Nathalie attended the School of Journalism at Mizzou; however, her entrepreneurial spirit has taken her down the path of a few other careers: retail store owner, adjunct professor at St. Louis Community College, and creator of vitiligocover.com and vitiligo cover lotion.

Little known facts: I am a Dallas Stars hockey fan, my favorite place in the world is London, England, and I drink latte’s all day long.

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  • Reply Gary Flack at

    Hi, I live in Harare, Zimbabwe and would like to buy your vitiligo cover lotion. Do you have an outlet here or alternatively I travel to South Africa on occasion and so where could I purchase there? Normally I go to Johannesburg but next week I am going to Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred so if you have an outlet there that would be great. Many thanks in advance.


  • Reply dieta at

    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really
    well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to
    read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will certainly

  • Reply Fernando at

    I’m from Lima, Perú. Did you send this product to Peru?. when I tried to buy the product on your website by paypal, i can’t see the shipping cost. is it a mistake?

  • Reply roy at

    Hi Nathalie,
    how can i buy Vitiligo lotion from Philippines?

  • Reply sara at

    did it works for all skin colors ?

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Sara, Vitiligo Cover Lotion works with all skin tones and complete instructions will be included with your order :)

  • Reply Arahan Khan at

    Hey hi…. I’m Arahan from India.. I’m 17. :) Ummm I’m ordering this product can you tell me in how much time/days I’ll get the vitiligo cover lotion? :)

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Arahan,
      It usually takes between 10 days and 3 weeks to clear customs in India and be delivered :)
      Many hugs, my friend!

  • Reply Carlos Isaziga at

    Hi,Nathalie,I live in Atlanta,Georgia (USA).I’d like to order 6 Oz.
    Cover Lotion from here. Please , tell me how can I pay for
    It. Thank You.

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Carlos, You can order Vitiligo Cover lotion on the website: http://shop.vitiligocover.com or you can call me…the phone number can be found in the top right side of any page on the website. Cheers! I will also send you an email, just in case you miss this reply :)

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Carlos, Your bottle of vitiligo cover lotion should arrive tomorrow :)

  • Reply Coco Black at

    Hi, Nathalie, how long is the the lotion’s shelf life? I mean expiration date. I only have small area on my hand, haven’t decided to get 6oz or 8oz.

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Coco, Vitiligo Cover lotion has a shelf life of at least 1 year when stored in normal conditions…cool, not hot. As a matter of fact, if you keep it refrigerated it could last much longer; of course, it will be chilly when applying it to your skin. :) Big hug, Nathalie

      • Reply Coco Black at

        Thank you very much for quick answering!I’m going to order one tonight and start trying~.

      • Reply Tenzin at

        i think vitiligo cover lotion is great and i’m a high school student in NYC. For my research i want to find a cure nor a treatment. Or faster working treatment. Do you have any tips? Thank you! ! p.S. i have vitiligo too ^^

  • Reply leticia at

    how can i buy the locion from mexico.thank you

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Leticia,
      Thank you for stopping by my site :) You can order Vitiligo Cover at http://shop.vitiligocover.com and if you’d like to pay via Western Union, just leave a comment here and I will email the instructions.
      all the best,

  • Reply lucrecia nolan at

    helo nathalie.i’m from south-Africa and 16 years old.i had vitiligo since 14.i just wana say thank you.and to all the ppl out there,good luck and don’t loose hope.love u nathalie.

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Lucrecia,
      thank you for visiting my website and i send you big hugs and lots of love! Nathalie

  • Reply Anthony at

    Hi Nathalie,

    I recently started the ginger root experiment to stop the de-pigmentation of my skin. Typically how long does this take to show signs of improvement, I know it depends on person to person, but roughly how long?

    Also are there any other food to eat or avoid to minimse any further de-pigmentation?


  • Reply Kellie Foster at

    Thank you for this site. I have recently been diagnosed and wanted to know how to find Vitiligo Specialists in Dallas, TX so I can get treatment before it continues to spread. Thank you for any help from anyone who is from this area and may know.
    Thank you, Kellie

  • Reply chris at

    Hi, Great job you are doing here. Very inspiring and motivating. I have had vitiligo about 12 years, but coming from Scotland I am quite light anyway. Im scared to try any treatments in case it gets worse so I admire your bravery!!

  • Reply Dighbijoy Samaddar at

    Hi Natalie,
    I had started having vitiligo as recent as july 2011 and unfortunately it has started spreading rapidly from what was previously a barely recognizable patch.The most distressing fact is that i am not even used to this ailment and i face odd questions even from pepl who are barely concerned!I would like to thank u for this wonderful website and would like ur advice on how to deal with this ailment for it does not create physical pain but only the ones having it know what it actually does…

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Digh, be brave and strong! You’re not alone, if you ever feel the need to talk with others about your vitiligo come join us over on the Facebook page…http://Facebook.com/vitiligofriends

      Hey, you gave me a great idea, I bet there’s a lot of us who have the same issue with explaining vitiligo to staring people, I will make a video with a few ways I have handled it….hope it may help. Big hugs to you, Nathalie

  • Reply Yuri at

    Hi, my name is Yuri and I have had vitiligo since about 12 years.. I’m 27 years old and I’m italian (so sorry for my english XD). I discovered this site couple of weeks ago and I found it really amazing!! I star reading some news and I’m glad there’s a place like this!!
    Whish there’s something similar even here in Italy..

    Anyway about my vitiligo, I started trying “healing” it about a year ago, with uvb and vitamins and getting some good results except for my hands..


  • Reply Danyelle at

    I too am in St. Louis. It would be great to be able to chat with others here with Vitiligo.

    Any advice on convincing a GP to prescribe Protopic?

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      I’d say, don’t waste your time trying to convince a GP with prescribing anything for vitiligo…most just don’t stay up with our treatments. That said, a friend of mine, Dr. Marcel Haulard, is a GP here in St.Louis and he definitely keeps up with the latest news for vitiligo and cares about his patients’ needs pertaining to this.

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Danyelle, I posted this on my facebook Vitiligo Friends page today and hope you can make it!Vitiligo Corner

      Friends in St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding areas, I think it’s time for a meet-up…that’s right, our first Vitiligo Friends get-together! I can’t wait to meet you and it will be great for us all to be together in person and talk.

      Monday, February 20th, 7pm, at the Barnes and Noble near Chesterfield Mall.

      Please send me an email if you are planning to attend. :)

  • Reply Sue at

    Hi Satish,

    You are right. We have to do whatever it takes to make our kids better. I am not sure about your daughter’s diet. I found that removing gluten from my daughter’s diet helped overall, not only with her skin, also her general outlook, better appetite and so on. But it is hard to keep up with a gluten free diet. It is hard on the kids because in North America we are inundated with glutened foods. Anyway, right now my daughter is off the diet because we kind of got tired and could not keep with it. She was miserable too because she was missing out on cakes and cookies at parties and so on. Right now we are trying excimer light aand protopic. I do see some changes on the face, but none at all on the body. Good luck and keep posting. We shall too. This forum is great because we can support one another in this battle against vitiligo.


  • Reply Sathish at

    Hi Natalie,
    I stumbled upon your website, one among well over a 50 in just a couple of hours since this morning about Vitiligo. Just 3 hours ago today, our beautiful daughter who is 9 yrs old has just been diagnosed with Vitiligo. Devastating day. I cannot even imagine to express how hard my heart is. Its been a while since I felt so sad. While I sit and cry at home, I am sure my wife is crying at work, while our daughter is having fun at school, not knowing how whats happening to her!

    Anyway, from your profile I learned that you are from Dallas area. We live in Plano, TX and I was wondering if you know any good Vitiligo specialist doctor around Dallas area. We only consulted the Physician Assistant today, because the doctor was very busy for the next 2 months.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Thanks so much for your help !


    • Reply Sue at

      Hello Satish,

      Yes, it is harrowing when you hear that your daughter has vitiligo. My beautiful 8 year old girl too has had vitiligo for the past 2 years. I cried, was in denial, tried protopic, excimer lights and so on. And then we tried homeopathy, but the skin condition is relentless. We are not giving up hope. There are certain treatments that work for certain people, so it is worth a try to give all treatments for sometime before you decide what’s right for your daughter. Good luck!


      • Reply SathishAnand at

        Thanks so much for your advice. It is not fair for these young kids. I cannot stop putting myself in those small shoes. Am trying to be strong. Every time I do, I fall even more deep.

        We should not lose hope by any means. I am so destined to give the best the life can offer her in all ways, other than her looks. Hope everything works out well for your daughter.

        2 days into reality, we are already thinking of Indian, Chinese herbal medicines, anything and everything thats out there to cure this.

        We are even thinking of moving to a different place, hoping an environment change may offset her immune reaction.


        • Reply Vaibhav at

          Hi Sathish,

          I am writing on behalf of my 6 year old neice who stays in bangalore-India,she was diagnosed with vitiligo and it spreads pretty quickly on kids accordingly what i noticed.
          We are currently trying homeopathy and phototherapy but not satisfactory results, her mother is literally broken down,

          I am still hunting for the next step and will never give up, please keep updated if you have found anything new.

          Thank you all,much appriciated

          • Sm at

            I am 35 years old and suffering from vitiligo since the age of. 10. My sister had it too but she was completely cured by 25. She religiously took indian barberry extract obtained by soaking the wood overnight. That helped. She used to eat lot of fruit and vegetables. Indian barberry is found in Himalayan region. If you have trouble finding it let me know. Little sun is good but not too much. I stayed in sunny Jaipur for 4 years and that made it worse. Still trying to understand what my sister did that I did not. let me know if you have any questions. There are things that I am still researching – autoimmune,targeted multivitamins, etc. please research Indian barberry because I do not know if it has any side effects for children. It is chance that my sister took and it worked for her.

  • Reply Shari Ford at

    Hello Natalie,
    I have had Vitiligo since 2006. I live in St. Louis. I have white spots all over my body, my hands, arms, feet, chest, shoulders, legs, etc…I have tried all different remedies, but none have worked. I would love to sit down & talk to you since your bio says you are in St. Louis. Let me know if that would be acceptable to you.
    Thank you.
    Shari Ford

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Shari,
      it’s a great idea to get together. i’m in the process of organizing a meet-up and i will post the info here :)

      • Reply Shari Ford at

        Sounds great,,,,I’m out in O’Fallon, but I can meet anywhere…let me know. :)

  • Reply Erika at

    I have had vitiligo most of my life and I am 27 years old. I first noticed a spot after being in the sun for awhile. Then after my first experience (and my last) in a tanning bed, I got up and there were more spots. Everyone always commented on how I always looked like I had been out in the sun and it looked like I had been wearing sunglasses, but I have vitiligo around my eyes and never even knew it until a few years ago. Then I started noticing my eyelashes turning white. I have it on my hands and in other odd places too. I was embarrassed by it and still sometimes look at myself oddly in the mirror. I was told by a recent dermatologist that there is a laser treatment for vitiligo and there is a high success rate too! I was prescribed a topical cream along with cortizone. I am also going to start taking Vitamin D and see how it works. Then I am going to look further into the laser treatment.

  • Reply Josie Ramos at

    Hi Natalie,

    I have had vitiligo since 2005. I noticed my white patches is getting bigger and my face too. I never try any herbal medication but my dermatoligist prescribed several oitment but it doesn’t work. hope you can help me how to treat this deasese. take you and god bless


  • Reply Katrina Beatty at

    I have had vitiligo since I was six months old it never spread to any other part of my body. I have a thirteen year old who is the same so far it has not spread. My sixteen year old however recently was diagnosed and it is spreading. This is not the generational pattern. This in itself should be a study. I am going to volunteer to be in every study feasible for me to contribute to. Lets find the cure!

  • Reply Katrina Beatty at

    I have had vitiligo since I was six months old it never spread to any other part of my body. I have a thirteen year old who is the same so far it has not spread. My sixteen year old however recently was diagnosed and it is spreading. This is not the generational pattern. This in itself should be a study. I am going to volunteer to be in every study feasible for me to contribute to. Lets find the cure!

  • Reply Katrina Beatty at

    I have had vitiligo since I was six months old it never spread to any other part of my body. I have a thirteen year old who is the same so far it has not spread. My sixteen year old however recently was diagnosed and it is spreading. This is not the generational pattern. This in itself should be a study. I am going to volunteer to be in every study feasible for me to contribute to. Lets find the cure!

  • Reply Jane at

    Hi Nathalie,
    I’d like to join the long list of people thanking you for starting this site! Ive had Vitiligo for 5 Years now and I’m currently getting treatments done overseas at this uygur hospital located in Urumqi (north west of china) this hospital has specialist that try to treat vitiligo using traditional uygur medicine. It has worked on many people and so I’m trying my luck here now hoping it can cure me too. I’ve stayed here for four months now and it’s showing signs of improvements. They have a long list of food that we must stay away from most importantly seafood and milk products? And cold products eg ice-cream, softdrinks, cold water etc. Again I’d like to thank you for starting this site it allows me to read and understand more about vitiligo without speeding hours searching google for links.
    P.s: if you’d like to know more about the treatment I’m getting please email me I’d be happy to let you know what goes on, on this side of the world.

  • Reply Sonia at

    Hi I just joined love your site, I come across clients that have vitiligo like I do and I always want to help them. Now I will refer them to your site. I got Vitiligo when I was 10, now I am 41 and it’s been a crazy, it has had it’s moments when it progresses then regresses not sure what to make of it but now it’s in it’s progressive stage – I don’t have health insurance so I pay for any all my treatments. I have started taking Double X from Nutrilite, Lipoic Acid 300mg, D3 5000mg, B12, Triple Omega, Vitamin C all from Costco and Astaxanthin 5mg and it seems to be slowing in some areas and repigmentation as well – not completely cured but will keep you posted. I also read that ginko is good to take so I will be starting that as well. Let me know if there is the ability to post pics – so I can post my progress —
    God Bless

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      hi sonia, if you’d like to send me your info and photos to post and share with everyone here, simply send me a note through the contact page on this site :)

  • Reply Elizabeth at

    Hi I am so happy to see I am not alone…Thank you for your web side..
    I have been using or taking vitamin B12, Folic acid, St John Worst and now vitamin D I having see any changing in my hands and the patches are getting bigger. I know I can do better but have non idea how to start. I am emotional bit down and I am always hiding my hands from people. I havea juicer and I try to drink organic my diet is not to bad, but I haven’t been able to found a Doctor in south Jersey who does Viligo treatments. I am not a good spelling English I am Puertorrican and spanish is my first language…What else can I tell you???? We are together in this..God Bless you and hope we all can found the cure for this sickne who have change my life…

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      many hugs, elizabeth. use some makeup or sunless tanning lotion on your hands to blend in the vitiligo white patches…i do and it makes me so happy to not see the white on my hands :)

      • Reply Jamila at

        Hi Nathalie, it`s Jamila from Palestine, I am 20yrs old and I got the vitiligo when I was 17yrs old, and I think that you all can imagine how hard its for me to deal with it, because now I have it almost everywhere…but you know something? it`s one hundred times easier for me to deal with the patches than dealing with curios and sometimes rude people everyday,specially that they come from a very traditional Arabian background!!! I tried many medicines from all over the world and nothing worked until now :(
        It`s the first time I share such things online and I am so grateful for you and for each one of you girls for sharing your experiences…I cried a little bit when I was reading your comments because I`ve been through it and I am still!!!!
        Nathalie…Could you recommend some sunless tanning lotions`s products”names” that really works???? I mean to hide the patches????
        And I would like to ask something??? what will happen when I have it all over my body…is it dangerous???? each time I come to ask any doctor…I become really frustrated!!! so does anyone of know anything about that issue????
        God bless you all girls and I hope that he will answer our prayers and to give us strength :):)

  • Reply VEN at


    A suggestion for the new website. I think the recent comments should be increased to atleast 6-8 like how it was on the old website. This helps in navigation easy.


  • Reply chris at

    was wondering how you ginger treatment is going? Thinking about starting it with my daughter….Thanks

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      Hi Chris, I didn’t have much success with the ginger root, but i think others have. try it and let us know how it works for your daughter, please :)
      all the best,

  • Reply Linda at

    I have some small spots on my left forehead and face. I’m quite sure that it’s ‘contact vitiligo’ as I used to apply hair dye, which contains phenol, to my hair. I clearly remembered that some hairdye stuck on my face (almost 9 months ago) and I noticed some white spots appear later.

    Last night I attended a dinner gathering and an auntie (who’s in herbal medicine business) told me that her sister used seal fat/seal oil to treat vitiligo many years ago – 100% repigmentation. This is how the Eskimos treat skin ailment and she got the seal fat from the Arctic circle. Please kindly investigate this traditional healing method and advise me where to get seal fat/oil.

    A desperate vitiligo victim

    • Reply Nathalie Pelletier at

      This is good info, Linda, thanks. It sounds like you have a better link than i would for getting the info about seal fat. Why don’t you talk to your aunt or her sister who had vitiligo and get the information for us. i do a quick internet search, but it’d be better to get it straight from your source.

  • Reply cherchour loucif at

    I liked a lot the article I find it almost Like my days i have this disease since my childhood i was some days difficult for me couse this disease i saw my self difirent of them but now my all body white i took drug help vitiligo to spread quickly ok

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