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Vitiligo Corner Podcasts: Let’s Talk Vitiligo

vitiligo-podcast,nathalie pelletier,vitiligo treatmentsHello my friends, beginning this week I will start hosting a weekly podcast themed around our favorite subject, vitiligo.

I will discuss the emotional issues facing people living with vitiligo, review current vitiligo treatments, and investigate new vitiligo treatments being pursued by the medical community. In an effort to bring those who have vitiligo closer to those searching for a cure, I will be doing live interviews with doctors, scientists, & pharmaceutical companies, where you can call in and ask questions directly to these professionals.

Each show will include a segment dedicated to you, “Me and My Shadow”. I am particularly excited about this because it is the time in which I will read your poem, tell your story, answer your question, or discuss a particular topic of interest, that you’ve emailed to me prior to the show.

You will be able to stream the show directly from this site or
Listen to internet radio with Vitiligofriends on Blog Talk Radio

Each podcast will also be available for download through our channel on  itunes.

Please join me on this very exciting journey!

To submit to the “Me and My Shadow” segment, please email here. Remember to include your first name and state or country with your submission.

How can you change your outlook of living with vitiligo?

vitiligo-resolutionsIt’s day 9 of the new year and over the past week I have been bombarded with that age old question, “what’s your new year’s resolution?”,  and I have been inundated, online, with unsolicited advice on how to fulfill some of the more common resolutions. So once again, I got out my notebook (somehow this old-fashioned method just seems more official.) to make the list. As I flipped the pages to find a blank sheet, I came across my list for 2010 and glanced through them. Ugh, about three-quarters of the items were not accomplished, and worse, they were at the forefront of what I wanted to get done this year.

“The definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

This time of year can be conducive to a couple of things, 1) micro-examining your life and 2) feeling depressed about certain aspects of your life. Every year it’s the same cycle: of making resolutions, breaking them, chastising yourself for not following through, forgetting about them, and then bringing them up again at the year end.  Einstein may have been on to something; it is insane.

After reading my list for 2010 I was a bit perplexed as to how I was going to achieve my goals, but I was excited when I finally came across an idea that will break the cycle: choosing 3 words that will be my guiding pillars for the year.

I am a techie nerd and a social media addict, so I am constantly exposed to ideas from people who are leaders in their industry.  One of my favorites is Chris Brogan. His words have inspired much of what I do to enhance our site, and yesterday his post titled, “My 3 Words for 2011”, opened my eyes to a viable way to actually make the changes I want to see in my life.

As you read Chris’s post, I want you to think about the positive changes that you can make in how you deal with living with vitiligo.

The post below is re-printed with permission from Chris Brogan.

Every year, I come up with three words that will be my guiding pillars for what I will focus on in the coming year. Instead of resolutions, which don’t usually help me very much, I work hard on using these words as a lighthouse for my actions and efforts. Here are my 3 words for 2011:

Reinvest. Package. Flow.

Reinvest – I will reinvest in my efforts in all areas of life that matter to me. I won’t phone it in. I have some fitness goals. I can’t keep playing at it. I have some financial goals that will be met. I have community goals that require me to reinvest in my projects and not take on new things.

Package – I just wrote about packaging the other day. Essentially, I’m going to get my own marketing house in order. I’m going to make sure things make sense, make sure they are easy to understand, and make sure that the right people know about them. Packaging will have other meanings, too, but this one is important to me in 2011.

Flow – In the last few months of 2010, I came to realize that I’m still doing too much. I went into redrawing mode yet again. One thing I have to do much better in 2011 is manage flow: that state of working on the most important stuff and eliminating distractions. I’ve cut a lot out of my original plans for 2011. I’ll surely cut a little more. The end result? Things will come out much better. I’ll have less stress. Things will flow nicely.

3 Words Aren’t Goals

The three words idea is built so that you can have something to reflect upon. As you know, goals should be SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). The way you use the two together is that you think up goals that will match up to your words. For instance, one goal of mine in 2011 that ties to “reinvest” is to lose 50 pounds over 10 months. 5 pounds a month is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

There you go.

And You?

What are your three words for 2011? How will you guide your actions?

My 3 words are: action, focus, simplify


A special thought for you

vitiligo-christmasHappy holidays! Wishing you a weekend full of memorable moments and worry-free hours. Many hugs to you :)

Will vitiligo make my hair fall out?

vitiligo-hair-loss,vitiligo cover,nathalie pelletierNew comment on your post #230 “Piperine Interview With Dr. Soumyanath”
Author : Rein
HEY everybody, I’m rein and I’m 19 years old I’ve had vitiligo since i was 16 but it spread very quickly and now i have it a lot of places :( i have never before tried to fix it but I’m trying the piperine). I have one question that i am so scared to find out the answer:  WILL MY HAIR FALL OUT BECAUSE I HAVE VITILIGO?  I tried to research [and found] nothing.  Please HELP. I’m really scared. Continue Reading

Vitiligo Cures From Around The World

hugA couple of months ago I began searching the internet for vitiligo success stories when I came across one that showed me that I was on the right track with my experiment.

Ilana is from Sweden and has been dealing with vitiligo, alopecia, and psoriasis. Her site describes how she stuck with a regiment of taking B12, Folic Acid, and tanning her skin, to re-pigment her skin. What I appreciated most about finding this information was the fact that she showed before and after photo’s which clearly show a 90% success in re-pigmentation. Continue Reading

Jason’s vitiligo experiment update

experiment vitiligoI have to tell you that I am quite surprised by how long I have persevered with the whole regime. Sometimes I think it has been ‘overkill, ‘ but my use of several therapies in combination is a deliberate strategy. As I stated, I tend to use several treatments in moderation, rather than relying on frequent use of a single therapy. For example, this means that I limit NB UVB to 1-2x per week, rather than every second day, and piperine 1-2x per week rather than daily. The only thing I do daily is to pop a normal B-group multivitamin and a herbal (ayurvedic) pill that contains psoralens.

Anyway, I don’t want people to get any idea that this is a quick miracle cure, because it isn’t. On the other hand, there has been undoubted and considerable improvement in my condition, so it’s probably worth sharing the experience. Continue Reading