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Is Depression Normal with Vitiligo?

Feeling depressed is the most common complaint that I receive from readers who send me emails. It’s only natural that we go through periods where we feel more self-conscious about our white patches of vitiligo; after all, our self-image has been completely altered by the changes to the color of our skin. Continue Reading

Managing Vitiligo Skin’s Reaction to Light

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Ultraviolet light, whether from the sun or an artificial source, is an important treatment resource for many of us, who use light to repigment vitiligo-affected skin. If you use light as a treatment, you probably know the ideal dosing and exposure time you need to get the most benefit. But, despite this, have you ever unexpectedly burned yourself? Or alternately, have there been times when your treatments inexplicably became less effective? Continue Reading

Survey to Review Medical, Genetic, Psychological and Nutritional Factors That May Cause or Exacerbate Vitiligo

Sponsored by Nanette B. Silverberg, MD

Departments of Dermatology,
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt and Beth Israel Medical Centers, New York, NY

Dr. Silverberg is conducting a survey to review medical,
psychological and nutritional factors that may
cause or exacerbate vitiligo.

  • Individuals with vitiligo that have been previously diagnosed
    by a physician are welcome to contribute to this survey.
  • Friends and family without vitiligo are also encouraged to
    respond as control subjects. Just answer the questions that are applicable.
  • The survey will not include any personal information that may
    identify you to the public.

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Participate in this Survey as an Adult with Vitiligo

Adult Vitiligo Survey


To Participate in this Survey For Your Child

Survey For Your Child

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Vitiligo Clinical Trial

Vitiligo Clinical Trial for Men in MA Who Are Taking Cholesterol Medication

A phase-II, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of simvastatin in generalized vitiligo Continue Reading