Piperine Research Update

experiment vitiligoYesterday I contacted Dr. Soumyana to get an update on the piperine research which she founded. Here is what she said:

We are presently seeking external funding to do a safety trial of piperine in vitiligo.  The economic downturn has meant that we could not proceed as fast as we would have liked, but rest assured that we are still working on this project.

The state of our world’s economy is affecting lives across the board, so it should come as no surprise that educational institutions are, too, experiencing cut-backs.  This isn’t bad news; afterall, their jobs depend on receiving  funding to continue research. And what’s more, these researchers are just as passionate about finding a cure for vitiligo as we are.

I have forwarded comments from this site about your personal experiments with piperine to Dr. Soumyana in hopes that they could potentially hold a key to any unanswered questions they may have.

Fingers crossed 😉

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