Meladinina By Any Other Name is Still Psoralen

There have been a few commenters lately telling of a medicine called meladinina which has cured them of vitiligo. They say that they got the meds from Cuba and that some people even travel all the way there to get treatment and buy meladinina.

With a quick search on the internet, I found that meladinina is a mexican brand name of a medicine found in the pharmacologic category, Psoralen. To my surprise there are Canadian and U.S equivalants to meladinia:

U.S. Brand Names
8-MOP®; Oxsoralen-Ultra®; Oxsoralen®; Uvadex®

Canadian Brand Names
Oxsoralen-Ultra®; Oxsoralen®; Ultramop™; Uvadex®

I’m going to talk with my dermatologist this week to find our more about these products so we can compare and contrast the benefits offered by each.  Until then, if you have any pertinent info leave a comment here for us.

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