“I am 99% re-pigmented”

I had sent an email to my previous customers of Vitiligo Cover asking if they would like to submit a story, for my book, about their experience with their vitiligo. This is an email I received last month from a man in Yucatan, Mexico. He also happens to have been my very first online customer when I was selling Vitiligo Cover Lotion. He first wrote to me 3 years ago to let me know that he was so happy with the results from the cover lotion because he could finally go to the beach.

Well, 3 years later, he wrote me again and now he is even happier…

p.s. english is not his native language.

email #1

hi nathalie,

i been doin a treatment and i am about to 100% repigment.

i am so happy but i could write a story about the drug abuse i fell in while havin vitiligo and about the loss of 6 years since i didn’t want to go school etc…

o btw i am 23 year old. i get vitiligo at 16 and heal at 23.
in 4 months i repigment the 90 % of lost pigment.

I wrote him back inquiring what he did for the re-pigmenting…


email #2

tx for the interest and its really hard to explain how hapy i am, probably as hard as it is to explain to people witout vititligo how hard is to deal with the condition… but i still live with the fear of its come back 🙁 but the last thing that dies is the hope :D.

the treatment was:

i used flaxseed oil
fish oil (omega 3)
vitamin b injections
multi-vitamin (centrum)
green tea (as much as i can drink)
vitamin e
i drink beet juice also.
shark cartilage

i also work out (lift weights)
and i do cardio vascular exercice everyday (spinning or box or go out to run, etc)

since i start to work out i start a diet which was based on eating only healthy stuff.
(no fat, no trash food, only clean chicken meat ) i also eat protein which some ppl think it help the body to asimilate all the other stuff (some ppl with vitiligo eat keffir for that) i start using it cause its a very well known suplement in the body builders world.

i also start a puva treathment twice a week using oxioralen pills on it.


i think the combintation of all of these help me.

the difference on quality of life is incredible. i wish everyone with vitiligo could feel it.

ill be waitin for your mail, the best of luck 😀

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