How much does laser treatment cost?


Hi Nathalie,

How much does the laser cost? I’m really interested and desperate on doing the laser treatment..I don’t know if my insurance will cover it and spreading rapidly on my body. I haven’t seen any on my face yet but I’m worry that one day ill wake up and see a spot…I love this site…Julie

Hi Julie,

The Excimer laser treatment costs vary by dermatologist; $100 being the minimum that I have found. Good news, though…many health insurance companies cover part or all of the cost now.

I’d say the first step would be to call your health insurance and find out whether or not they do, then have them give you a list of qualifying dermatologists in your area.

Stress has been seen as a major trigger for vitiligo, so you would be doing yourself a big favor if you would stop worrying about new spots appearing day to day.

All the very best,

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