Does fluoride effect vitiligo?

Oftentimes, it’s your comments that lead me on a new adventure of investigating potential causes of vitiligo or its cure. Here is one posted just the other day…

One other item that might offer another clue…I remember my mother using sodium fluoride (an exterior pesticide) inside the house. We both started getting vitiligo at this time. Perhaps fluoride plays a role in destroying pigment cells. Has anyone else had a similar connection…ray

Ray got me thinking about an interview I did with the owner of Golden Grocer, a natural foods store in the St. Louis, in which he spoke of a customer who attributed her vitiligo to fluoride and through the use of certain vitamins is beginning to repigment.

Upon further investigation into fluoride, I found an abundance of really scary information that points to fluoride being a viable trigger to many illnesses such as hypothyroid, a common autoimmune disorder that effects many people who have vitiligo.

Here are links to what I read and to the interview at Green Grocer:


Community Water Fluoridation Status by State:

My Water’s Fluoride: Know if your water is optimally fluoridated.

Fluoride and your thyroid

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